Sunday, January 13, 2013


Look who came to the tea room Thursday!
That's Mandy, Delia and Caroline! 
I consider all three of these ladies family.

Here are some more family members....
That's David Johnson with his son, Sam.

Technically we're not family, but we ARE, really.

David's mom, Peggy, and I go WAY BACK....
...even farther than that picture (which was made in 2010).

We've been together since 1971.
We were at Baylor together,
and at seminary,
and on mission trips to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico,
and have been close ever since.

And we'll get together again SOON.
We ALWAYS do (usually late) birthday lunches together.
Mine in January and hers in September.

I can't wait.
(We often eat at the Camelot Court food court
at Cook's Children Hospital in Fort Worth,
as dear Peggy is the chaplain there
for the children with cancer, and their parents.)
(Yes, she really is.)

Speaking of birthdays...
Here's what my honey gave me for my birthday....
He let me pick those earrings out. 

I was happy to oblige!

Then he took me to my favorite place...

After we ate our family-style dinner, the sweet waitress brought a Mexican cookie with a birthday candle....
Talk about a fun birthday!!

Oh, and my mom gave me a DELICIOUS little birthday cake...
and it was sugar free!

Ah, but that was the only thing sugar free!

So now it's DIET TIME!!

Ah, but did you hear about the article that says a few extra pounds may cut risk of early death?

Well, that's one of my most favorite articles of all time... in the whole world!!!
I have a new poll up (upper right), with still time on the old one.
Thanks for voting.
(You may have to hit 'show results' or 'change your vote' a few times.)


Laura said...

I voted for new shoes! But I don't think it got counted. I figured if I HAD extra cash, I would spend it on new shoes.

I'm glad you had a fun birthday!

Unknown said...

Love this! I *do* think of you as my Aunt Nancy. :)


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