Sunday, February 10, 2013

Call me Martha...

I'm hosting a big party for my mom this afternoon and I woke up thinking about what all I might have missed in the preparation.
Surely something.  

I am 'Tizzy Lizzy' sometimes when hosting things.

And I'm also Martha.

I read the devotional reading today in JESUS CALLING and it referenced the Bible passage where Mary and Martha are hosting Jesus.

Martha is in a tizzy, thinking Mary ought to be helping in the kitchen instead of just listening to Jesus.    Well, there's no Mary here this morning, but Martha is here big time.  She is 'worried and upset', as Jesus calls her.   Then he tells her Mary has chosen what is better, etc.

It's amazing how I needed that.

So now Mary is here, I'd like to think.


(And Martha is settling down.)

(And Tizzy Lizzy has left the building.)

UPDATE on party  (now it's 8:25 pm) - it was fabulous, if I do say so... and we had about 70 folks!!!  (63 signed the guest book)  Everyone told me how much they love my mom - so that was awesome (and not surprising).....   We had a enough food, but ran out of punch near the very end (so I got out Dr. Pepper, and orange juice (but didn't put them together).  I must say, my punch is divine - it's just ginger ale and sherbert (I used pineapple, so it wouldn't stain anything.)
Anyway, I'll post pictures later.


Unknown said...

ntlastNancy, thanks for sharing the "Mary Martha thing" ....small weakness of mine. :) Such a sweet daughter and blessed mother! Treasure the times...I know that you do!!

Bobbie said...

Another Martha here.....I get so caught up in making sure everything is perfect, that I don't enjoy entertaining at all. I go to others' homes and they seem to be so comfortable entertaining, serving simple foods and just enjoying the time with their guests. Not me. Nervous wreck the whole time. How do I change??????? Anyway, anxious to see the pics. Was this a birthday party?

Nancy said...

Nancy, I DID get your comment, as you can see. Thanks!

Bobbie, you don't strike me as having a Martha issue. ... but I'm glad we're kindred spirits in that, too!! (Misery loves company)


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