Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I am 28% chocolaholic ...

This is the month...
... for eating chocolate (for some people.)

So naturally there'd be articles about it, and quizzes ... and I didn't want my blog readers to be left out of that.

You can click HERE for an article on how eating chocolate can make you a sweeter person.

And you can click HERE for a quiz to find out if you're a chocolaholic!

Speaking of sweetness, I got some yesterday (though I didn't eat it). 

It was in the way of spending time with some sweet little ones.

And I think it's okay...
... that I let my them watch some 'shows' (as they call them). 

They watched "Wild Kratts" and then "The Cat in the Hat" on television (PBS).

After that they watched cartoons on my laptop.

Then we read books, and Andrew played with his Legos...

When Anna got out some books I told her, "I'm going to take your picture now."
So she obliged...
Oh, I didn't notice that I hadn't combed her hair after we got her ready for the day, until I saw this picture!

Here's a picture I like ...

And here we were a couple of years ago...
We both have changed, I'd say.
But we're both very close to each other, as always.

My staying with them was because of a sadness: Elizabeth's granddad, 'D'Dad', passed away Sunday.  
D'Dad was a dear, dear man, and though he was in his early 90's and ready to see the Lord, it's hard to talk about him in the past tense.   
My prayers go out to all of the Palmer family.
My blog posts have been varied lately.  My last one was about atheists becoming Christians.
(I like having my own blog - and my own life.  I can 'go' wherever I want to 'go'.)
I have a new poll up (upper right).  Hopefully you can click it enough to get your vote taken, because I love seeing those votes!


Bailey said...

I am 46% chocoholic!

I'm sorry to hear about Elizabeth's Granddad :(

Being Beth said...

Ha!!! I'm only 1% chocoholic. That's not to say I don't like sweets - just not chocolate ones - I'm a chewy-fruit-aholic. Give me gummy bears and fruit slices!

those children are growing up so fast. What cuties!

We need to do lunch! xoxo

Laura said...

i am 63 % chocoholic. Probably because I took that quiz when I'm hungry.

But I still answered "Friday" on your quiz without hesitation!

Nancy said...

Thank you, ladies, for your comments!

Yes, Beth, we are way overdue on eating lunch together. (Did you ever buy some new shoes?)

And Laura, I answered 'Friday', too.

And Bailey, thanks for your condolences on D'Dad's death.

Being Beth said...

Yes, I bought two pair of new shoes - cracked me up you remembered that.

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