Saturday, February 23, 2013

On this very day....

... years ago, this little girl was born...
Is she not precious?

Well, she STILL IS!!!

Here she is in more recent days...
(She's the wife and mother in the picture.)

Here's her son decorating the wrapping paper for her gift I gave her yesterday...
Look closely and you can see the rocket he drew, and 'now' he's working on a dinosaur,
or maybe a ship.
(Little Anna did the art work on the upper left side of the package.)

Speaking of Anna, is this next picture not the spitting image of her?

And yet it's not Anna! 
You could have fooled me! 
Her mother found that as a birthday card and brought it to me yesterday. 
 I was amazed.

 Here's the real Anna...
I love it when she puts pretty stickers on my hand.

Today she's helping her mother celebrate a birthday!!!



Speaking of birthdays, this little baby had a birthday today....
Well, that picture was taken three years ago.

This next one was taken this week!... 
He's the one on the left, with aspirations to be the one on the right.

Happy Birthday, Sawyer!!!

There's another reason today is special (besides the birthdays), and I hope to tell you about that later.

But for now, it's SATURDAY NIGHT!!!
And I'm getting ready to get ready for bed!!!!

(I like getting older.)

I put up a new poll (upper right) last night.
I know that "None of the above" would be a good choice for this poll,
but I didn't want it to get all the votes.
(That's for you, Bobbie! - Ha!)

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