Friday, March 1, 2013

5 Things I Like....

1.  I like articles that have lists, and their titles indicate they have lists.
Like just now I saw an article in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY that read "7 Tips for Reducing Anxiety, Rumination and Avoidance".
(By the way, you can click HERE for that article.)
Other articles were listed - about not worrying, etc. - but when I got there they were just a bunch of words, and no 1-2-3 on ways to not worry.
I like those lists.

2.  I like Crunchy Cheetos (not the puff ones).
If I were to eat as many as I wanted I would not be able to get out the door.

3.  I like not overeating.
When I was in college every Monday (every. single. Monday) I would be on a diet. That meant that every Sunday night I would be mad at myself for how much I had eaten during the weekend, and the days before that.
I still overeat on (many) occasions, but am so glad I'm not in that cycle.

4.  I like Fridays.  There's always been something about Fridays.

5.  And finally I like (love) this picture...
That's dear Bailey Jo on the Isle of Skye, an island northwest of Scotland. 

(That picture just makes me smile and smile.)
(And I love to smile.)

(And I love Bailey Jo.)

1 comment:

Bailey said...

I love you too!

Skye was BEAUTIFUL!!


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