Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Eggs and bunnies and crosses...

I like Easter eggs. 

The candy-sugary kind. 
The chocolate kind. 
The jelly bean kind. 
The marshmallow kind. 

I admit I like the sugar high.

And I like to dye Easter eggs, 
but not as much as I like to
eat the candy ones.


Oh, and the chocolate bunnies....
I really like those,
especially the milk chocolate ones, though I know the
dark chocolate ones
are better for me.

(Look at his eyes. It's like he knows he's being devoured.)


So this is that time of year.

And I love it.

And I love it more for the meaning of it

It really is earth-shattering.

Christians all over the world are celebrating this Bible passage this week, and this Sunday...
The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name. 
Luke 24:46-47

I so want to say something profound here, to 'grip' my blog readers into the wonder of Easter, but there is nothing better than that above Bible passage.

And all of the New Testament is about that: Christ's resurrection from the dead... and what it means for us.

So Easter is MAJOR.  MAJOR.

I'll leave you with three wonderful quotes. PLEASE READ THEM.

All of heaven is interested in the cross of Christ, hell afraid of it, while men are the only ones to ignore its meaning. - Oswald Chambers

Jesus: The issue on which everything hangs is not whether or not you like his teaching but whether or not he rose from the dead.  - Tim Keller

According to the laws of legal evidence used in courts of law, there is more evidence for the historical fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ than for just about any other event in history.   -Harvard Law Professor Dr. Simon Greenleaf

Happy Holy Week.

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