Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This is not a video...

. . . It's just a picture I took of the television in our bedroom.

That's James Lankford, U.S. Congressman from Oklahoma,
when he was on The Mike Huckabee Show last Saturday night.

Now look who he was with in February....
That was at a Baylor fundraising event in Oklahoma City.

(It was in the top (50th floor) of the Devon Tower, 
the newest and tallest (by far) building in Oklahoma City.)

So this is my version of name-dropping.

(Lankford and his pretty (and sweet) wife probably don't remember us, but I'm glad I got a picture of us together.)

You can click HERE for Wikipedia's info about Lankford, if you'd like.

(Before being being elected to Congress Lankford was the program director for FALLS CREEK in Oklahoma, which is the largest Christian camp in the U.S.  
(You can click HERE for FALLS CREEK's website.))

Anyway,  there's THAT bit of name-dropping.

Here's another:
Did you know that the current Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party (of all of Texas!) is a Mission High School Class of 1970 classmate of mine?

Why yes!

He's Gilberto Hinojosa . . .  
 I remember him as being very smart and capable in all things, 
so no one was surprised he'd rise to such heights.
(I don't think he'll be on Huckabee, though, anytime soon.)
(But that's okay!)

Click HERE for the Wikipedia info on him.
Well, and Google him, and you'll see him everywhere. 

So this is a proud post today. 

Ah, but on a disappointing note: the polls I usually have in the upper-right-hand-side of this blog have bit the dust.  Not only was I having trouble with getting the votes registered, I've also been having trouble putting up the polls.  
So "Sayonara, polls."   (I bet you've never seen that sentence before.)

Ah, but I'll keep blogging along... and may find another way of finding how different all my blog readers are, because YOU REALLY ARE (DIFFERENT)!


Bobbie said...

I had no idea about Gilbert! I would rather he was "seeing red" but still super duper proud of him! I remember him being such a nice, bright guy. Maybe a president from the Class of 1970, Mission Eagles!

Nancy said...

Yes, Bobbie. I would rather he see RED, but so proud of him.

Mission is PROUD!

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