Sunday, March 24, 2013

"What does she call you?"

"Aunt Nancy," I reply.

That's usually the conversation when I meet folks who think I'm Caroline's grandmother.

They think I'll say something like 'Nana', or 'Grammy', or 'Mimi', or 'Grandma' (something like that).

So then, if time allows, I'll explain why I'm doing the grandmother duties.

Like I did FRIDAY!!!!

I got to go to Caroline's school's GRANDPARENTS' DAY festivities!!

It was GREAT!!!

I was so proud!!

And Caroline's 'Mimi' (Susan - John's mother) was there, too.....

Here's Susan (Mimi) walking into the elementary school building, being greeted by some cheerleaders....
Isn't Susan beautiful?  (And it's inside and out beauty.)

Before we went to Caroline's classroom we got to have breakfast and then attend a wonderful program put on by the first and second graders, and then a high school group.

Here is the first and second grader program....

You can't see it very well, but it was wonderful.

What was particularly great were the decorations, both in the auditorium, and in the library, where we had the delicious breakfast (and where I forgot to get my camera out) and in the elementary school.

ALL of the decorations were designed and put up by little Caroline's mother, Elizabeth, 
and another mother. 

My intention was to take a bunch of pictures to show you, of those decorations.

I guess I just got so excited about seeing Caroline and her little program
that I forgot to get my camera out. 
Take it from me, though, those decorations were FABULOUS!!!

Fortunately I did get 2 pics of Caroline's little program....

Caroline's Mimi and Aunt Nancy were so proud.

And I was so honored to be one of her 'grandparents' that day.
But oh, I ached that my twin, Peggy, couldn't be there.
(If you're a new blogreader and don't know why, I'll explain later.)

Ah, but though I ached some, it WAS a GLORIOUS GRANDPARENTS' DAY!!

(Though Susan does NOT look old enough to be a grandparent!)


Bobbie said...

Well, I choose to think that sweet Peggy did see little Caroline! Who is a DOLL, by the way. You are blessed and so is she!

Nancy said...

Yes, Bobbie, I believe Peggy just might have seen it all, too.

Thanks so much for your sweet comment!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I know Peggy is so glad you can be there for little C. It's so special that you get to share these moments with C. Plus - it's way better to keep people on their toes!!

And I'll keep calling you Aunt Nancy.

Nancy said...

Thanks, Sara.
And CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement!!!!!


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