Saturday, March 16, 2013


That was on (in) a commercial years ago (I think for hair color - to wash away the gray). 
I really like it, especially now that I'm getting older.

Last night (at Elizabeth's house) we celebrated John Huffman's (her husband's) 30th birthday, AND his brother-in-law, Dustin George's 30th birthday.

It was a great time.  Mm.

Later in the evening John asked me which decade of my life I've liked the most so far (something like that).
Without hesitation I said, "My fifties."    'Course now I'm in my sixties (barely), but I can't see how they'll be as good as my fifties (since my hands are getting gnarlier, and I'm having to use more anti-age cream (which I will blog about someday).  But inside my head they might be better.

Anyway, I believe the older we get the more we know ourselves and, in my case anyway, the more we like ourselves.... and accept ourselves.

So John is 30 now.... and he's only getting better (and he's absolutely fantastic already!).
So whoa...
I predict he'll be our President someday.  (I'm really serious.)

Here are some pictures of the party last night.

Look closely at the above picture. Notice the young man seated on the right in the brown shirt just below Elizabeth and Sam.   That's Joel, John's little brother.

He just got back from serving our country in the armed forces for four years, mainly in the Middle East.   He was definitely in harm's way.   You can imagine how excited everyone is that he's home now.

He's staying a while with John, Elizabeth and family.   When he arrived a few weeks ago they had this wonderful greeting for him....

Isn't that great?!

I repeat, WELCOME HOME, JOEL!!! 
And THANK YOU for all you've done on our behalf!


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Barris Ayres said...

Nancy, this is a very inspirational post (and very true) about "getting better"! Plato said "Know thyself", and there is tremendous freedom in that little phrase. Amazing how long it can take us to do so!


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