Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm ready.

Either I'm having the worst bad cold ever, or I've just started having major allergy problems, for the first time in my life.
Sam is thinking the same thoughts I'm thinking, though not as verbosely, of course.
We are both in the throes of it.

(We've both been to the doctor, and feel like wimps when he tells us to 'hang in there'.)

I've haven't felt like playing in the tea room.
That's when I KNOW I don't feel well.
I love playing in the the tea room.

But I don't feel bad enough not to blog.
Today anyway.
'Course I don't have to shampoo my hair or change clothes to blog.... so here I am....
... ready to tell you something.

We (actually) finished our book.

You can click HERE for the Amazon page on it.... and there is where you can click to 'look inside'.

Some of you know that I've been working on it for years.  And then Sam became a part - and we've both been working on it for a while.
I added my part, then he added his part.

I wanted a different cover (with a picture of me pulling my hair out), but Sam (wisely) thought better and so there you have it.

So now you know.

And I'm picking at my cuticles just telling you about it.

In other news, please take my poll about birth order (if it's still up).
Some of you won't fit at all in any birth order poll, or info - as I don't, being a twin with no other siblings.  But you can still have an opinion about which is best.

I write that to tell you that I've started writing a new book(!).... about growing up as a twin... and then being twinless... and then all the stuff that goes on when a Christian (my twin) has (had) cancer, and when well-meaning people try to help.
Hmm. That sounds like three books.  But it will be one.

I say all that to say that telling YOU about it may make it actually happen.    (And I may put bits and pieces here into this blog - since there are just so many times I can tell you about those crazy tea room customers.)

In closing here's a picture of Sweet Caroline on Grandparent's Day at her school last month....
She gave me that potted marigold right behind her.
I think I gave it my bad cold/allergies. :(

But oh, I adore sweet, beautiful, precious, kind, giving Caroline. 
And I'm getting to play 'Grandma'.

(Her real Grandma Peggy died 24 years ago yesterday.)
It's always a teary time this time of year.

But I'm ready to write about Peggy, finally. 
And I've already gotten the pages numbers done!

(Well, more than that.)


carisa said...

Hey Nancy! Hope you feel better soon! Did I ever tell you about my twin? She was stillborn. And at the time, my parents had no idea she was even having twins! I came out first, and they told my dad (in the waiting room) that they baby was stillborn. And then SURPRISE, I came out. I imagine how different my life might have turned out with a twin around. Blessings to you!

Pat said...

Congratulations!!! Can't imagine how difficult it must be to write a book. I'm ordering a copy today. So very proud of you!

Nancy said...

Carisa, I did not know that. You're like Elvis, his twin died at birth. I've read that makes makes you (and him) a twinless twin.... and may affect more than you know. Hmm.

Nancy said...

Pat, we've ordered (this past week) several copies to have on hand, but don't know when we'll get them.

Just put the 'Grace Umbrella' over it when you read it. It's not perfect.
(And now that I know that it's really out there, well, I'm MORE nervous about folks reading it.

It's a wonder that there are lots of books out there. Geez.

Being Beth said...

Such awesomeness - well, everything except the cold/allergies that have you guys down. Love your new book idea, and how far you've come that you are now ready to write about it all. God is so good and so faithful.

Nancy said...

That's right, Beth.
Thanks for your comment.
And for being you in my life. :)

Laura said...

Can't wait to read the book! And excited for you to write your other book. That's so great.


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