Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm sick

... but not too sick to post here.

... but sick enough to tell you how feeling sick is affecting my attitude towards everything.

Right now it's affecting my yuck for the news.

And in the news, we're all supposed to have an opinion, right?

Well, I've decided that I don't have to have an opinion.
And I don't have to tow the party line.

And I can watch television for hours if I want to.... but not the news, unless I want to, which I DO NOT.

Where did all these news pundits, and experts, and know-it-alls come from?

What is their job?
To tell us how to think?

That would mean they think they're smarter than we are.
More informed.

I'm tired of them all.

They can go away.

So as not to leave you with too much negativity, here are some pictures I took at the Easter party at Mother's retirement center Saturday afternoon . . .

And my favorite picture of the afternoon ....

Now I'm feeling better.

Funny how that works... seeing those pictures.

(I have a (relatively) new poll up - if you haven't voted, please do. It's in the upper right of this blog- and you just need to click once to get your vote counted.)


Being Beth said...

I'm sorry you're sick. Feel better fast.

I agree about the news and media. Give me Andy Griffith.

And I also agree - that last photo is so sweet! That needs to be framed.

Nancy said...

Yes, Andy Griffith, Beth. I'll take him anytime.

Thanks for your comment. :)


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