Saturday, April 20, 2013

Songs Do Speak

So much has happened this week, everywhere.
Seems like more has happened than usual.

In the tea room Thursday I played "How Great Thou Art" (as my own way to memorialize George Beverly Shea who died Tuesday.)
One man came up to me, put a big tip in my tip jar, and told me he so needed to hear that song that day;  that everyone needed to hear that song.

And there was a party of ladies who all - each separately- told me they appreciated that song being played, in light of the horrors of the week.  

So I played it again yesterday and today.... and got even more comments on its appropriateness.

So that was wonderful.... glorious.

And today I got to play for Lorene's 90th birthday party.

I'd met Lorene earlier - many times- when she'd come into the tea room with her daughters.   She always wants to hear "Blue Bayou" by Roy Orbison and Patsy Cline's "Crazy".
I am always happy to oblige.

And I was thrilled to get a picture taken with her!

They had quite a party for her in the party area.
I'd say maybe 30 folks were there. 

On a different note, there is a new Prather in the world!  Some of you (relatives on my mother's side) might think we have a new relative, but only in name (I think, anyway). (My grandmother was a Prather before she married her husband, Earl White. They had six kids, one of whom is my mom, who happened to marry Andy White, which means that I am a White on both sides.... pure White, if you will.

I digress...
Jesse and Kristin Prather had a baby girl this week, Serena!
(I know many of my blogreaders know Jesse!)

Here are two pictures I got off of Facebook....

Isn't she beautiful?

And she was born into a wonderful family.

Well, there's more to tell, but I better go.
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laura said...

It HAS been crazy week! To add to that, on Monday there was a murder in the neighborhood of my 2nd school and the murderer barricaded himself in a house just a couple blocks from the school, so the whole school was on lockdown for most of the day. I didn't even go because I knew it was on lock down (so I was totally safe, no worries).

But that is so great for Jesse and Kristen!

Nancy said...

Whoa, Laura. That sounds crazy.