Sunday, May 12, 2013

Guess what!!

Well, some of you already know... but I have to tell you anyway....

The Saturday before Easter we were doing some Facetime with Will and Bailey (who live in Scotland (until September).  After we talked a bit they said they'd decorated some Easter eggs.  Then they showed us the eggs...
That's how they told us!!!
And you can see from the bottom left how we reacted. (I'm holding the iPhone taking the picture of the eggs.) (I was thinking I was just going to see some decorated eggs - and I could put the picture up on my blog of their pretty Easter eggs.  Whoa.  I didn't know my life was getting ready to change!)

Needless to say, them sharing the news on Facebook today- and me on my blog - has made for a SUPER GREAT MOTHER'S DAY.

 Yesterday I went to the Mother's Day tea at Mother's place...
 We got to sit at Shirley and Wendy's table (they're mother and daughter, too.)

Today Laura and Ryan met up with Mother, Sam and me at Mother's place for lunch.
(I forgot to get my camera out until we were going to our car....
That's me with my dear daughter.

So it's been a great Mother's Day weekend.

Oh, and won't Bailey and Will be wonderful parents!!

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Bobbie said...

Congratulations. Being Nana is a great blessing!

Bailey said...

We're so glad it's out in the open now!

And Nancy, you look so great and thin in those photos! You are always lovely, but you look like you're in WONDERFUL shape!

Can't wait to see you soon!

Nancy said...

Thanks, Bobbie, for your congrats. (I'm excited - duh)

And Bailey, yes, I HAVE lost weight - 10 pounds.... when I was sickish and didn't have an appetite (because of Dayquil and Nyquil - and other meds). And I usually ALWAYS have a BIG appetite. .... So now I'm motivated to keep those 10 pounds OFF.

And I'm so excited about BABY CARMACK!!!!!!


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