Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I love to eat...

... this Russian* food...
(That was a two course meal. - Yum. 
(That is not parsley. That is cilantro.... super yum.)

Here are more pictures...


When we get home from our trip, Sam and I will both need to go on diets...
... but not until then.
We won't be sightseeing in St. Petersburg until next week.
(Can't wait.)
Here are some interesting old Russian proverbs I found:

Without rest even the horse doesn't gallop.

A chatterbox is a treasure for a spy.

A beard doesn't make a philosopher.

Teeth are all friends among each other.

All cats are grey in the dark.
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*We are in St. Petersburg, Russia (May 23- June 10) where my husband is a visiting lecturer at the St. Petersburg Theological Institute.  He is teaching Hermenuetics (Principles for Interpreting the Bible) the first week and "The Problem of Suffering in Six World Religions (including Christianity)" the second week.

It's a great life.


Anonymous said...

Kenzie thinks those walls are fantastic!!! :-)
Her favorite color!

Anonymous said...

Russia is very green! -Laura

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