Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I need to vent....

Warning: I'm mad.

I usually don't get political, and I don't think I'm actually getting 'political', though some would argue.

Hillary Clinton said/asked, "What difference does it make how the Libyan Embassy was attacked last September?"

Excuse me?

What difference does it make?

If my son had been killed by somebody I would want to know who did it, why they did it, how they did it.  I would want witnesses to be interviewed.  I would want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

If Hillary's daughter Chelsea had been slaughtered she would want to know every detail.... no matter how long ago it happened. 

That clip of her saying (rhetorically) WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? - should be her undoing.

Sure, she says it's our job to figure what happened so we can prevent it happening again.

Yes, we need to figure it out to prevent it happening again, but mainly for truth's sake, for heaven's sake.

Oh, what's amazing is that these Benghazi hearings are not even mentioned on CNN's website, or TIME, or USA TODAY, yet anyway. 

'Course the whole deal about nobody coming to the embassy's aid when aid was asked for is a whole other deal... that is incredible.

Mike Huckabee said this Benghazi scandal will be Obama's Watergate.

I don't see it - what with the media the way it is.... and the spin.

This just makes me furious.

And this is not because I (might be)a Republican.
I am appalled that Sanford won in South Carolina.
I was hoping Stephen Colbert's sister would win.

So there's my post for today.
Something's happened to my poll thingy.... but I'll figure that out later.
I'm going to hit "Publish" now....

Say what you like.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me she's saying that it doesn't matter what exactly happened, the fact is that it DID happen-- so let's get to the bottom of it. I don't see anything wrong with that...

Myra B said...

The fact is....she's trying to dodge the lies she told by sounding like she cares NOW what happened. She lied, they ALL lied for weeks. The media should have jumped on this like a big dog but instead have tried to bury it because once again....Obama and his buddies have lied to America again!

Anonymous said...

I think your post is misrepresenting Hillary. What she is saying is...what difference does it make how quickly the American people were informed of the actual reason for the attack. She clearly conveys that it is important to figure out how this happened.


To me, these are crazies...  Trump's 'cages' have turned into Biden's 'migrant facilities'. It is just semantics.  -...