Saturday, May 18, 2013

I remember...

On this Saturday morning I started thinking about things... and remembering.

I remember when:
... suitcases didn’t have wheels.

And when...
... mothers would go once a week to the beauty shop.
... children would ride in the front seats of cars.
... no one had answering machines and voice mail.
... research papers had to be typed on typewriters. 
... flip flips were called thongs.
... cartoons would be shown before movies in theaters.
... girls would wear dresses to school every single day.
... Velcro was never heard of.
... our television had 2 channels.

I could go on and on....

And getting a dishwasher that we hooked up to the kitchen faucet...

Here's an ad for that...

Well, there are many things to remember.

Like, here's an old picture of my hometown...

What do you remember?

 And what do you think young folks of today will remember nostalgically?

I would love to know....

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Being Beth said...

I remember when Cracker Jacks had real toys inside and rings!!

I remember dialing only four numbers on the telephone to reach anybody in town (and it was a rotary dial and a party line too)!

I remember licking Green Stamps on Saturdays after grocery shopping.

I remember school lunches only cost a nickel and you got seconds and thirds if you wanted it, and every table had big bowls of peanut butter mixed with honey and baskest of sopapillas.

I remember TV's had tubes that you had to replace when they burnt out.

And flash bulbs for cameras and then later flash cubes.

Slide rules, the word gay meant you were happy, we celebrated May Day by leaving flowers on neighbors porches.

I could go on and on, but won't. I'll save some for other commenters. I enjoyed those days, but I like what we have today too, especially computers and the internet.

It's hard to guess what our kids will remember. Maybe land line phones, gasoline, newspapers, real books, backpacks. It would be nice if they had to think back for a long time to remember fire ants, LOL! Hopefully they won't have to remember bees.

Nancy said...

That was a SUPER comment, Beth.

How I love it!!!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

Here is some from my generation....

I remember when you had to memorize people's phone numbers.

I remember when Facebook was just for college students.

I remember when we would make mix tapes by recording songs from the radio.

I remember when ..... Having a hard time thinking of other ones!

Being Beth said...

I have to add one more - I remember when Eisenhower was president!

Nancy said...

Yeah, Facebook was for college students. Now I can be on it.

And Beth, my parents told me I was born when Truman was President. Whoa.

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