Thursday, May 9, 2013

I stand by me, myself and I....

... and my post on the Benghazi deal yesterday (my venting post).

And I appreciate all of your comments - agreeing with me AND disagreeing with me.

I think dialogue and debate are good. 

(I may do that kind of thing again... but I may not.)

I had just found myself so mad that CNN and TIME and USATODAY, were not reporting anything yesterday morning about the hearings ... and there seemed to be (to me) no accountability for those deaths.

I was so mad that I blogged about it.

But know this, dear blog-reader, I respect your opinion.
[Woe be to us if we don't listen to and respect opinions different than our own. - and woe be to us if we are not OPEN to change our opinion - which I (hopefully) am.]
In closing I'll leave you with a beautiful picture of some birds....
This picture was on Wikimedia Commons that has a different beautiful picture everyday.  (I wish I had written down what kind of birds these were.  They're some kind of bee-eating birds.)
I put a new poll up (upper right).
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