Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm almost ready....

... to leave for Russia.
(Sam will be guest-lecturing at a seminary in St. Petersburg for 2 1/2 weeks - and I get to go, too.  After that we'll meet Will and Bailey in London for a few days.  (Yes, it's a great life.))

 Shiloh-pup (and our house) will be in good hands....

That's Joel, Elizabeth's brother-in-law.

He's a Marine and was in the Middle East and Afghanistan (and soon to be a TCU student).

I think our house and dog will be in the best hands of anybody in Colleyville, or the whole Metroplex, for that matter. 


Last night we had dinner at the Huffmans. Little Caroline made us a big going-away card...
Isn't that precious?

Andrew and Anna made us a big sticker card! Mmm. I'm feeling like eating a cupcake right about now. Mmm.

Perhaps the major thing about last night (besides the delicious meal, and well, everything else) was being read to by Andrew!!!
He read that book, without missing a word, or even hesitating for a word. 
(He won't be five until August.)

Well, I can't blog today without mentioning Moore, Oklahoma being decimated by that tornado. It really is amazing that there have been no more deaths reported.

Here's a picture my brother-in-law emailed us, that was taken across the street from the TriCity branch of Legacy Bank. (TriCity is near Newcastle, Oklahoma, which is near Moore.)

Our nephew, Rob, wrote a wonderful blog post yesterday about that tragedy. 
Click HERE for that.
(I shared it on Facebook yesterday, so you may have already read it.)


I put up a new random poll (upper left).
Thanks for voting!


Oh, and I should be blogging from Russia: our apartment will have wireless internet.

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