Thursday, May 30, 2013

No darkness and dreariness here....

I thought things would be dark and dreary here in Russia.  Well, as you can tell by the colors of the different walls in this place, it is NOT a dark and dreary place.
(Click HERE for the lunchroom pictures (in case you missed them).

Here's our apartment from the hallway and door into it....

(That's Sam's doctoral robe hanging there. June 9th is graduation, in which he'll take part.)

I really like the floors...

And here's the calendar on the wall that I like...

So can you see that vibrant colors are enjoyed here.

'Course the people will be quick to tell you that communism made it a dark and dreary country.
Now love, and life, and joy are shining through!

(Click HERE to see pictures of Sam's class and his students - in case you missed it.)

When I get a better picture of the man in charge here (Dr. Sergei Nikolaev) I will tell you about him.
(I like good visual aids.)

Thanks for reading.
Now you know we're for sure not suffering over here!

I just put up yet another exciting poll (upper right).
Thanks for voting!!

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