Sunday, May 5, 2013

Very Interesting Man....

This past week - and until this Tuesday - Central Market is celebrating Brazil!
So we had to go...

I like that picture of Sam.

And I like Sam.

And I like these next pictures of Sam...
That's him as Great Uncle Sam.

And here he is as dad to Will....
That picture was taken when they went to Indonesia on a mission trip.

Here he is as dad to Laura...
That picture was taken when they went to Rome, Italy.   It was a very special daddy/daughter trip.

Here he is in the Philippines on a mission trip....

And later this month he's going (with me) to Russia - to be guest lecturer at a seminary in St. Petersburg!!

When we were dating I had another date one night with another guy who knew Sam.  (Back when people dated in the 1970's they could date more than one person at a time - unless they were 'serious'.)
Anyway, my date, Steve S., told me that Sam Carmack was the most interesting person he'd ever known.
Now he's for sure the most interesting person I've ever known.

Here's what his nephew John put on Facebook recently...
"When the conversation moves from particle physics to metaphysics to theology to suffering, you know you’re talking to Sam Carmack.

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