Monday, May 27, 2013

We made it!

We made it to Russia!
Just writing that sentence seems incredible.   Well, until we walk outside our apartment door, then it seems pretty real (in a good way).

When we found we were coming I should have bought a Rosetta Stone Russian language program.  You can't have long conversations with just "Thank you" and "Hello."
Ah, but everyone is gracious... and a (very) few speak English.

The building we're at is the seminary, the church, the apartment building, kitchen, dining room.... everything.   That makes it very convenient.
(Some of you got this picture already from Sam through email.)

Here are some pictures I took yesterday morning (Sunday) from the church service...
That's Sam with the pastor and head of the seminary.
Pastor Sergey speaks fluent English, as he studied at Southwestern Baptist Theological in Fort worth years ago. 

Here is the music team of the church accompanied by the choir....
The music was very good, and very lively.
I didn't recognize any tunes, but when Sam had me play later for a few people I played "What A Friend We Have in Jesus" and they recognized it, some singing along.

The church service was three hours long, but we stood a lot (not too much) which helped.

Now we're ready to go to Sam's first class.  I'll take pictures and give commentary about that later.

For now let me just say I'm having to use my acting skills.
People inside buildings are jovial and laughing (at least here they are).
Once they get outside they look pretty somber and serious.
So I need to look somber and serious, AND I need to not open my mouth outside, so as to not broadcast I'm an American.

Imagine that: me looking somber and serious, and keeping my mouth shut.
I'm acting as if I'm a mute Hillary Clinton.
and/or Queen Victoria.

Or any other suggestions on who(m) I should mimic?
I'd love some suggestions.
That's all for now.
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Bobbie said...

So super jealous of you right now. And, I know that's a sin! The Hermitage is UNBELIEVABLE. I could not believe I was there seeing all those unbelievable pieces of art. And, Catherine's Summer Palace - wow. And, you must eat a pierogi or two or three! Can I fly over and tour with you? We hired a wonderful tour guide and believe it or not, we were only there one day and saw so much. You have a chance to really spend some time everywhere. Did I say I was jealous?


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