Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We're getting acclimated!

... quite literally... to this most beautiful Russian city.
The high today is 72 degrees. The low 58. And it's sunny.
That is making for perfect weather!

(If you have no idea what (where) I'm talking about and you want to know, click HERE for my previous post.)  
(If you think our house is empty while we're gone - well, click HERE to find out about that.)
For today I want to introduce to some new friends/brothers and sisters in Christ.
But first, here are two pictures of him introducing himself to his class.

Now here are his students, with a bit of info on most of them.
(By the way, we have permission from them to tell you who they are.)
(The captions will be UNDER each picture this time.)

Here's Igor, a pastor of an evangelical Lutheran church in Novgorad, Russia.

This is Alena, who works with the youth at the church here, called Temple of the Gospel.

Here's Lena, from Estonia, who does evangelical work with all ages in Estonia.

 This is Laresa, a pastor from the Ural region.

Here's Jura (pronounced Yura), a music minister
from Volgograd (known as Stalingrad from 1925 -1961).

Here's Kate (pronounced Katcha), an Apostle of a Pentecostal church in Dmitrov.

Here's Oleg, a pastor from Siberia, making us feel at home.

This is Jura (pronounced Yura), an associate pastor at a church in Vologda.

Here's Natalia, originally from the Ukraine,
but now a United Methodist Minister who pastors in Novgorad .

This is Vladislav. (I failed to get any more info, as he came the second day.)

And here is Igor (I failed to get his info, also, because he couldn't come until the second day either.)
(I need to make their info a priority, clearly.)

All of the above people are staying here at the St. Petersburg Evangelical Theological Institute in apartments like we are staying in -  for these two weeks to study under Dr. Sam Carmack.
What an honor for him (and me).

Last but not least, here is Sam's translator extraordinaire...
That's Paulina.
She teaches Theological English here in the seminary,
and Physics and English at a high school nearby.

(I think Paulina looks (and acts) a little like somebody who used to go to Bear Valley Church, 
and whose husband plays some mean bagpipes.
Can anyone guess of whom I'm thinking?)

Soon I will blog about the founder of the seminary, and tell his story.
It's very sobering.

Thanks for reading my blog.


Jan Bolling said...

I thought Paulina looked like Stacey too!

Unknown said...

STACEY 4 sure!

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