Friday, May 31, 2013

Who's the Boss?

Well, in every church, or seminary*, or every family, or with every person, God should be the boss.

But who's the human boss? (Which in Christian circles that should be, "Who's the servant/leader?")

Well, here are the servant/leaders of this St. Petersburg Theological Seminary...
From left, Alexander (who is in charge of many things, including the online classes starting); Alex (who runs the building and is a Bible teacher in the church); Dr. Sergie Nikolaev, (the President and founder); and Tatiana (who does basically everything else -and is mainly the main administrator.)

(These people are so friendly, though Alexander must not like having his picture taken.)

Dr. Nikolaev started the seminary and church here, and is a fantastic leader, with a passion and a vision for bringing Russians (and the rest of the world) to Christ.

He was the translator for Billy Graham when Graham preached in Moscow years ago.

I really need to interview Dr. Nikolaev so you (and I) could know more about him...

Different note:
Sam took this picture in the lunch room today of most of his students....
They are all so wonderful.  We can hardly communicate with them (without a translator) - but oh there IS a strong love between us.  Mmm.
There's more to tell, but I'm getting tired and though it's just 8:28 PM here in St. Petersburg, Sam and I both have our pajamas on and may be in slumberland soon.

Before I go, though, I want to show you two pictures I found from February (in Texas).
They make me smile.

(You didn't think I was just going to show you pictures from Russia, did you?!)

*We are in St. Petersburg, Russia (May 23- June 10) where my husband is a visiting lecturer at the St. Petersburg Theological Seminary.  He is teaching Hermenuetics (Principles for Interpreting the Bible) the first week and "The Problem of Suffering in Six World Religions (including Christianity)" the second week.

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