Thursday, June 27, 2013


Here are some pictures of Summertime, 2013....
Is that not a beautiful picture of a beautiful family?!
That's Sam's sister, Pat, in the pretty pink and white flowered top.
Her oldest daughter, Jennifer, is on the left with her family.
Second oldest is Marian, in the middle next to Pat's husband Ken, with her family.
On the far right is the baby of the family, Justin, with his wife and son.

That picture is good of everyone.... AND the beach!!
And all of those people are beautiful inside and out.

Oh, here's another picture of Justin and his wife, Amber....
That picture is really making me relax.

Oh, and I have to show you this picture, that Justin was wanting a caption for....
The best caption he got, in my opinion, is the one that said, "Where's the drink that it goes in?"
(Thanks, Justin, for letting me steal that from Facebook.)

Next picture up is totally different.  
It is of a glorified doodled ice cream cone....

That was done by daughter Laura - on the last page of her recent sketch book.

I just love it.

Usually ice cream pictures make me want to go get some ice cream and eat it.
That picture just makes me want to study the intricacies of the picture.

As I blog today I'm really just resting up.
We're having our J. Earl White family reunion here this weekend!

Here's a picture of J. Earl and his family...
Only two of those people are still living - Uncle Warren and my mother, Margaret.  
They are in the middle of the back row. 
They will all be represented, though, this weekend. 

And I've got the piano all decorated with old pictures.

If you'd like you can click HERE and then HERE for my two posts in 2009 of the reunion then.
Unfortunately some of those same folks can't come this year, but others can come who haven't come in a long while. 

Here's a picture of Shiloh being the lifeguard back in 2009...
He'll be happily on duty again this weekend.

That's all for now.

Stay cool!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday Whimsy...

... from LoneStar Antiques and Betty Jane's Boutique, which is inside LoneStar Antiques... 

(5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX)...
(You can click any picture to make it larger.)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Excitement builds...

... as Fellowship of the Parks in Keller is finishing its new building, which is housing a new auditorium... and other neat stuff (like an indoor playground).

Here's a picture from the sky...
(I wish I could say I took that picture.)
You will see on the right the existing building, and on the left the new one. 
They are becoming as one.  How great is that?

Today, the senior pastor, Doug Walker, showed us around....
Looking at that picture you might think one or both of them are mad.  They're not.  They just don't have perky facial expressions like some of us.

Here's a picture of Pastor Doug preaching...
He's a great senior pastor and preacher.

Here he is out in the lobby area saying good-bye to people....
And that's Jay West, in the bottom of that picture, with the plaid (checkered?) shirt.
He's the Campus Pastor in the Keller location. 
He's always friendly.
And everybody loves him.

You can tell FotP is a fun place to be.

There IS one glitch, though.
The city of Fort Worth is wanting to close FotP's main road that goes there for a while.
Oh brother.  That would hurt.
You can go HERE and find out what you can do to help. (It just involves sending an email.)
If you do send an email, be nice.
(Oh, you just have to give your name to an already written e-mail, so that's nice.)

Oh, and I read somewhere years ago that when you have a beef with someone, be sad, and not mad.
 'Course you may feel mad, but act sad.
(That may sound manipulative.... but I think it's smart.)
I put up a new poll (upper right).
Thanks for voting!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

We brought back some treasures....

We brought some gifts back from Russia... for some precious people.

Here are a few pics...

That's Joel.
We brought him a Zenit cap. (Well, we gave him a little more than that.)

Zenit is the soccer team from St. Petersburg.
You know how they have Dallas Cowboys shops in DFW Airport?  Well, they have Zenit shops in the St. Petersburg airport.

Click HERE for their website in English.

We so appreciate Joel.  He held down the fort while we were on our big trip.
(Needless to say Shiloh was glad to see him Thursday night!)

Those pictures have a reddish tint.  When I take pictures in our kitchen area they tend to do that... even when I try to lighten them up.   If you know how I can change that so people's faces don't look orange, let me know.  

Well, we've gotten over jet lag.  Hurray.

And now we're getting ready to have a J. Earl family reunion at our home next weekend. (We're just having it in our home, meaning cousins Leslie (from Albuquerque) and Jim (from Nashville) are really doing it (Leslie sent out the invites... and they will be getting and preparing the food, etc.).    All I have to do is say,  "COME ON IN!!!"   I can do that!

Speaking of families and such, here's a cartoon I like....

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Strolling through the park...

While in London with Will and Bailey last week we walked through Hyde Park.

It was wonderful.

We saw some beautiful ducks and swans.

Here are some pictures I took with my iPhone...

Is that not sweet? 

And there was this beautiful sculpture....

Oh and we saw the Memorial to Princess Diana....
(Why I didn't take an actual picture of the actual fountain only my subconscience knows.)

Our strolling through the park was really enjoyable.

I've played the song "While Strolling Through the Park" in the tea room on occasion.

In case you don't know that song, you can give a quick listen to this video of a one-man quartet!
(I think it's great.)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Totally Random...

In Russia, you have to have an exclamation point sticker on your car the first three years after you get your driver's license.
 I think that's a good idea.

Here's part of daughter Laura out by the pool today...
Her caption on Facebook: 
"This is what I've been dreaming about all school year long. Poolside with a good book." 

Here's a picture of some folks in London last week...
I can't remember what on the map they were looking for... but I know it was a great place... 
because everywhere we went with them was great. 

Here are our son-in-law and daughter...

And no, they're not announcing anything... we just gave them that Matryoshka doll from Russia.
Click HERE to learn about those nesting dolls.  They're pretty neat.

When we were in London we happened upon a free mini-concert by Tom Jones!!
Whoa.  That was exciting! 
(I can remember watching him on TV years ago (on Saturday nights, I think).

Here's a picture of how I remember him....

I was a FAN!!
He's 73 now, and I'm still a fan.  :)

In closing, here's a picture of what I did today...
I was having Facetime (like Skype) with Midori W. in Scotland.
Midori is from Japan and she's studying at the University of Glasgow.
Through Will (my son) she connected with me - 
to help her in writing her dissertation on "The Identity of Musicians."

She interviewed me for about an hour (because I was too so talkative).
We talked about how I've seen myself as a musician through the years.
Since I didn't get a degree in music, I've discounted myself.... 
 but not anymore. 
Shoot, I like to play music.
And I even get tips for it.
(well, and pay.)
I'm playing in the tea room tomorrow.
I think I'll play "It's Not Unusual" .... as a tribute to Tom Jones!!
(A new poll is up (upper right).)

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

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