Saturday, June 22, 2013

We brought back some treasures....

We brought some gifts back from Russia... for some precious people.

Here are a few pics...

That's Joel.
We brought him a Zenit cap. (Well, we gave him a little more than that.)

Zenit is the soccer team from St. Petersburg.
You know how they have Dallas Cowboys shops in DFW Airport?  Well, they have Zenit shops in the St. Petersburg airport.

Click HERE for their website in English.

We so appreciate Joel.  He held down the fort while we were on our big trip.
(Needless to say Shiloh was glad to see him Thursday night!)

Those pictures have a reddish tint.  When I take pictures in our kitchen area they tend to do that... even when I try to lighten them up.   If you know how I can change that so people's faces don't look orange, let me know.  

Well, we've gotten over jet lag.  Hurray.

And now we're getting ready to have a J. Earl family reunion at our home next weekend. (We're just having it in our home, meaning cousins Leslie (from Albuquerque) and Jim (from Nashville) are really doing it (Leslie sent out the invites... and they will be getting and preparing the food, etc.).    All I have to do is say,  "COME ON IN!!!"   I can do that!

Speaking of families and such, here's a cartoon I like....

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