Sunday, June 23, 2013

Excitement builds...

... as Fellowship of the Parks in Keller is finishing its new building, which is housing a new auditorium... and other neat stuff (like an indoor playground).

Here's a picture from the sky...
(I wish I could say I took that picture.)
You will see on the right the existing building, and on the left the new one. 
They are becoming as one.  How great is that?

Today, the senior pastor, Doug Walker, showed us around....
Looking at that picture you might think one or both of them are mad.  They're not.  They just don't have perky facial expressions like some of us.

Here's a picture of Pastor Doug preaching...
He's a great senior pastor and preacher.

Here he is out in the lobby area saying good-bye to people....
And that's Jay West, in the bottom of that picture, with the plaid (checkered?) shirt.
He's the Campus Pastor in the Keller location. 
He's always friendly.
And everybody loves him.

You can tell FotP is a fun place to be.

There IS one glitch, though.
The city of Fort Worth is wanting to close FotP's main road that goes there for a while.
Oh brother.  That would hurt.
You can go HERE and find out what you can do to help. (It just involves sending an email.)
If you do send an email, be nice.
(Oh, you just have to give your name to an already written e-mail, so that's nice.)

Oh, and I read somewhere years ago that when you have a beef with someone, be sad, and not mad.
 'Course you may feel mad, but act sad.
(That may sound manipulative.... but I think it's smart.)
I put up a new poll (upper right).
Thanks for voting!


Ryan said...

That's interesting advice about being sad not mad... It makes sense though. Depending on the situation, it's reasonable to assume that it may lead to the other party's sympathy instead of heated confrontation etc. Good food for thought. Thanks!

Nancy said...

Thanks, Ryan, for that comment. (Yes,sympathy would be better than 'heated confrontation'. !!!)

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