Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The most important person... (and then some St. Pete pics)...

Here is Kate, the absolutely most important person here*....
She's the cook!!

And here are some of her blinis we ate for lunch the other day (after we'd had her delicious soup)...
Blinis are like crepes. These were filled with ham and cheese and then we could add that sour cream to them. Talk about delicious.
If you'd like you can click HERE for more info and a recipe.

In other news, we've finally gotten out and about in beautiful St. Petersburg!  We took the subway after class yesterday to downtown.

Here are some random pictures.   (Sam took better ones, but I'll show some of his to you later when I get them. I want to blog NOW, when I can.

It's a gorgeous city, and we've just walked around a little part of it. 

(We'll go to the Hermitage soon.)

Here are some pictures from near where we 'live'...

 You can tell it feels like summertime here...
and I brought mostly winter clothes! 

That's okay.
Next week we go to London and it's supposed to be colder there.

(Yes, it's a great life I live.  You have permission to be jealous.)
In the upper right I put up TWO POLLS!!....just for fun.
Well, this whole blog is for fun.... for me.

*We are in St. Petersburg, Russia (May 23- June 10) where my husband Sam is a visiting lecturer at the St. Petersburg Theological Seminary.  He is teaching Hermenuetics (Principles for Interpreting the Bible) the first week and "The Problem of Suffering in Six World Religions (including Christianity)" the second week.

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