Monday, June 17, 2013

Today is special...

I was a bride 35 years ago this very day.

I was 26 years old.

I took that picture (on the right) to get it framed four months after the wedding (when I was still 26 years old).... and the lady at the frame shop asked, "Oh, is that your daughter?"


That really happened.

When I said, "No, that is me," she said, "Oh, of course.  I didn't look at it closely enough."
(What else could she say?)

As you can tell, I didn't forget that incident...

I went home, and spiffed up.

I wish I could say nothing like that ever happened again, but well, some days I just look older than other days.

Ah, but I have been so blessed with a wonderful marriage, no matter how old I look or feel.

I tell young women to pray for their future husbands, if God has that plan for their lives.
And I tell them emphatically: DON'T SETTLE!!

I'm so glad I didn't settle for just any ole guy out there.
I got the cream of the crop.
And I thank God everyday.

Here's the picture I put on Facebook this morning...

 I've gotten a lot of 'likes' on it.... 

And I'm giving it a huge LOVE!!!!


Laura said...

I'm so thankful to have parents with such a strong marriage. Thanks for that!

Nancy said...

I'm hitting the "Like" button for your comment, Laura.

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Hrmph. That lady was crazy!!

You are amazing and set a great example for everyone. :)

Is that your twin in the other photo? Both of these pictures are SO happy.

Happy (belated) anniversary!

Nancy said...

Yes, Sara. That is my twin, Elizabeth's mom. And that is Sam's brother, Steve.

Thanks for your words!

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