Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Totally Random...

In Russia, you have to have an exclamation point sticker on your car the first three years after you get your driver's license.
 I think that's a good idea.

Here's part of daughter Laura out by the pool today...
Her caption on Facebook: 
"This is what I've been dreaming about all school year long. Poolside with a good book." 

Here's a picture of some folks in London last week...
I can't remember what on the map they were looking for... but I know it was a great place... 
because everywhere we went with them was great. 

Here are our son-in-law and daughter...

And no, they're not announcing anything... we just gave them that Matryoshka doll from Russia.
Click HERE to learn about those nesting dolls.  They're pretty neat.

When we were in London we happened upon a free mini-concert by Tom Jones!!
Whoa.  That was exciting! 
(I can remember watching him on TV years ago (on Saturday nights, I think).

Here's a picture of how I remember him....

I was a FAN!!
He's 73 now, and I'm still a fan.  :)

In closing, here's a picture of what I did today...
I was having Facetime (like Skype) with Midori W. in Scotland.
Midori is from Japan and she's studying at the University of Glasgow.
Through Will (my son) she connected with me - 
to help her in writing her dissertation on "The Identity of Musicians."

She interviewed me for about an hour (because I was too so talkative).
We talked about how I've seen myself as a musician through the years.
Since I didn't get a degree in music, I've discounted myself.... 
 but not anymore. 
Shoot, I like to play music.
And I even get tips for it.
(well, and pay.)
I'm playing in the tea room tomorrow.
I think I'll play "It's Not Unusual" .... as a tribute to Tom Jones!!
(A new poll is up (upper right).)


Ryan Maxwell said...

It was lots of fun spending time with you guys yesterday.. Hope to see you both again soon.

Nancy said...

I'm thinking Ryan wrote that comment.
And yes, yesterday was so fun with you.
Now you can get back to studying!!

Ryan said...

Yes..getting back to that now...

Anonymous said...

Wish we could have lunch at the tea room today and listen to you play!! Now, guess who I am ;-)

laura said...

You're definitely a musician Momma. A professional at that! Glad you're not discounting yourself anymore.

Hope to hang by your pool again soon!

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