Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jesus is not my imaginary friend.

He's my real friend.

When I started taking the Bible seriously I could hardly believe its riches.

Why did I start taking it seriously?
Well, I had a friend whose joy was kind of nauseating.  She was too happy.
While I'd be critiquing everybody in my mind, she'd be talking about the peace that passes understanding.  

Oh, and I'd lie in bed at night wondering if there really was a god... and Jesus.  Or was it a great big myth.  A cruel hoax.... for gullible folks like Kathy.   (She was Kathy Bailey from Edinburg, and I got to know her on a Magic Valley Youth Choir trip - I was her roommate.)

Long story short: I decided to accept what the Bible (the little I was reading - which was the book of John, as I recall) was claiming... and well, I decided I was IN. 
And oh my. 
I didn't try to be happy, but I found out I was getting to be!!

There's so much more I could say.
And everyday isn't bliss... but I must say, when I started reading the Bible everyday... and trusting that Jesus was (is) the way, truth and life... well.... most things made sense. ... and I made sense.

I just wanted to say that this morning.

In closing, here are three cartoons I like....

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