Sunday, July 7, 2013

Maybe I should call the Guinness Book of World Records....

Sam and I went to two - that's 2 - White family reunions in one week!

I know of nobody else who can brag about that like we can!

And they were different families... completely.

And their reunions were different... completely.

Earlier we had the J. Earl White reunion (my mother's family) at our house. (I blogged on that in my last three posts.)

Then Thursday, July 4th, we went to the Will White reunion (my dad's extended family) in east Texas.

Here are Will and Ann White....
They were (are) my great grandparents on my dad's side.

Thursday was the 95th annual Will White reunion!
Yes, the 95th!!

Here we are eating...
That's in the Van, TX Community Center. 

The food everyone brings is always delicious.

Like Aunt Helen's blueberry pie...


After we eat and visit for a while (not long) we have pictures taken...
That's Sam, me, Steve, Lori, Helen and Frank.
It was the lowest attendance of Nuel White's (my granddad's) family ever, I believe.
My dear mother did not feel well enough to attend... and boy, did we miss her!

You can spot her in this older picture, next to my dad....
That's when Mother and Daddy would host the reunion in their front yard, in Colfax. TX 
- which was the old home site of Will White!

That's a big group, but that's without Brian and his family!
Oh, and Sam.
Ah, but Rob is in there.
That's Rob Carmack, on the right end of the first row, next to Elizabeth.
The little boy - Eric-  right in the middle being held by his dad, is going to A&M this fall!  Gig 'Em!

[By the way, if you'd like, you can click HERE to see my blog post 
about the Will White reunion in 2009.]

Back to this past Thursday... here's some more extended family...
That's my dad's cousin Jo Ann and her family

Here's cousin Willy's family....
Denise, on the front row with the flag on the white shirt, has made a Facebook page for the reunion... as we will all celebrate 100 years of reunions in 2017!    Excitement!

Here are my dad's cousin, Frita and her brother Weldon's families...
They usually have a pretty big turnout, which is great.
The fella in the back with the white hair and bright orange shirt (he had matching orange shoes) is Jerry Don.  He's my age... and we've been watching ourselves get older through the years.
It can be sobering.
I think that was all of the group pictures.
Afterwards it's cleanup time....
That's Steve and Sam doing their 'due diligence'.

Then we all head home.

Everyone in this Will White group lives in Texas, well except Brian and his family who live in Texarkana.
At the J. Earl White family reunion, folks come from Tennessee, Iowa, Wisconsin, Colorado and New Mexico... and usually also from Minnesota.  We have it every two years and for a full weekend. (We just started having these reunions in 1986.) 

The Will White group usually meets for maybe an hour and a half.   That's enough time to hug, put out the food, eat, take pictures and clean up.    

The J. Earl White group hugs, and talks and talks, and eats and eats some more, and cleans up- then we do all over again the next day.   This past reunion folks started coming in on Thursday night and the last group left Monday morning.

So these are two different groups.... but they are both wonderful.  WONDERFUL.  

I do believe I come from good stock.... at every turn. 
For that I am extremely thankful.

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