Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tree of ???

My daughter drew (doodled - zentangled) the above.

She's asking, "Tree of ?????"

What would YOU call it?

I have my own answer.

Will it be yours?

(Mine starts with a W.)

On a different note, I'm thinking about quitting my polls.
They've been getting fewer and fewer votes.
Well, maybe they haven't been as interesting.  :(

if you want to vote on my latest poll (upper right - totally anonymous)



Finally, here's a picture of my daughter with her bestie...
(well, besides her husband, who is her major bestie).   

(I know: a person my age shouldn't be using the term 'bestie'.)

Well, here's Allison and Laura...
They had a good visit this weekend in D.C. ... where Allison lives.

And here is Laura with her maid of honor, Allison, a little over three years ago....
I just love that picture.

A new poll is up (upper right).
It costs nothing to vote.



Being Beth said...

For Laura: Tree of Realized Potential

For Nancy: Well, I like your polls, I think their the best on the internet and always fun. With that said, if they aren't fun for you, then don't do them. Spend your time doing what you love.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE POLES!!! They are fun! Maybe we should vote more than once! With a fake name!

Anonymous said...

Kenzie says...."Tree of Wonder" or "Tree of Creativity"

Nancy said...

Those are great comments, folks!

I wish you could vote more than once... but that poll thing has a mind of its own. (you can't even change your vote, i don't think)

laura said...

yeah, i tried to vote on a different computer, but it still knew it was me and wouldn't let me!

Allison L said...

I love that photo to! I have it on my desk and see it everyday! :) And THANK YOU NANCY for the cute cupcake sign!!! I have it on my desk right next to her picture!

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