Thursday, August 8, 2013

Are you stressed out?

If you are, here's something that might help tune out all the world...
If that wouldn't tune out the world I don't know what would.
(You can click HERE for the article where that picture came from.)

We were giving ear plugs and blackout eye-wear to Ryan and Laura (my daughter) for their overnight flight to Scotland, and well, I remembered seeing that above picture.

So I showed it to them.

Here they are looking at the picture...
Soon after that picture was taken I took them to the airport to board a plane to take them to where they're going to see these people...
That's Bailey Jo and Will (my son) ... when we were Facetiming them (like skyping) last Thursday.
(That's Sam's computer, and you can see tiny Sam in the bottom left-hand corner of the picture.)

So right about now Laura and Ryan are getting ready to board their plane.
And I'm sitting here wishing I could have hidden in their bag.

Y'all all have fun!!

Hopefully those earplugs and blackout eye-wear we gave you will mean you can sleep on the plane.

Me- I can never ever ever sleep on trains, planes, or automobiles.
I guess I need to get that 'Ostrich Pillow' in the top photo for my next venture.

Here it is again..... 
Dare I get one?

Oh, Laura just texted me that they're on the plane!!
Gotta go.

Oh wait, I don't have to go.

(I kind of like staying.)

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Laura said...

So fun! And yes we were able to get sleep, which I usually am never able to do on planes either. Ryan slept more than me, but we both got a good amount. At Heathrow now, just a few hours away from Glasgow! Thanks for everything!

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