Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August is here...

... with its heat, and its birthdays.
(Both of my kids were born in August.) (You do the heat index on that!)

And school starts starting.

Ah, but we have air conditioning all over Texas now.

I taught in Mission, TX from 1974-1977 - and the junior high then did NOT have air conditioning.

In early September of '74 I had to have a physical exam (for my job) and I had scheduled it after school one day.
Needless to say, I wanted to go home and take a shower first... but I didn't have time.  As I was apologizing to Dr. Mims (who'd been my doctor since the third grade) about my maybe stinky state, he said, "People take too many showers these days.  It's good to sweat a lot, and maybe even shower the day after you sweat a lot."
Needless to say that made me feel better.
(So now you have an excuse.)

After I taught in Mission, I moved up to the Fort Worth area and taught a year in the Aledo junior high.  I so appreciated the air conditioning!!  
Ah, but I missed the well-behaved Mission students.  :)

Then I started dating Sam, got engaged,  and quit teaching, as my in-laws wanted to help me go through seminary, so as to be a good wife to Sam.     I was SO EXCITED that I wouldn't have to teach those not-so-well-behaved 7th graders!
Well, I was young, and I didn't start out firm with them at the first of the year (didn't realize I had to), and well, I dreaded 4th and 5th period everyday.

This blog post doesn't have a lot of info... but here's a cute cartoon Susie put on Facebook this morning, and well, it gave me a subject for my blog today...


Laura said...

Hehe, funny cartoons.

That's interesting what the doctor said about sweating. Makes me feel better about my bathing habits...Not that I don't bath regularly--most days I do--I sometimes just don't feel like it...

Being Beth said...

Interesting post. You wrote, "Then I started dating Sam, got engaged, and quit teaching, as my in-laws wanted to help me go through seminary, so as to be a good wife to Sam. " So, did you go through seminary? Did you get a degree? I'm just curious since i hadn't heard that story before. What I DO know is whether or not you got a seminary degree, you have been a most excellent wife to your beloved Sam. xoxo

Nancy said...

Hi Beth,
I did go to seminary for 2 years....but didn't get my degree. :(
If I'd been an religious education major I could have done it in 2 years, but I already had my education degree-- and wanted to take courses like Old Testament, Church History, etc.
I really ought to finish....
I keep telling myself.

Thanks for saying I've been a most excellent wife to my beloved Sam.

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