Monday, August 12, 2013

Five (Different) Things

1. I thought Midge was Barbie's friend....

It turns out 'midge' is the term for small insects that resemble mosquitoes.
And in Scotland you need to be protected from them....
That's Laura and Ryan with 'midge protectors'.

Click HERE to find out more about midges.

2. I read a good article last week on cosmetic surgery.
I'm not really against cosmetic surgery. 
I used to say I'd never color my hair.   Well, never say never.
So I will never say I will never have a facelift..... but this ARTICLE made me feel that I'm okay without one.  (Well, for now.)

I don't think I'd ever give myself one... but you never know....

3. A while back Sam and I indulged in a not-the-most-healthy breakfast.
But oh, it was good.

Really, these cinnamon rolls are amazing.... and of course easy to prepare.  Mm.

4. This Sunday - August 18 - Sam and I will be at Bear Valley Community Church in Colleyville for a book signing extravaganza!!

This is a book about how we started Bear Valley, and what and how I felt about it all.   Sam offers his comments, but I wrote most of the book.  (I guess that means I'm a 'writer' of a book!)

It's not a perfect book.... and yes, I would change some of it... but I will stand by it nonetheless.   ... but if you happen to read it, be gracious and have mercy on me... and don't roll your eyes too much.

(Soon we'll have it available on Kindle.)

5. Laughter is so good for us.  I mean, it is GREAT for us.  Click HERE for an article about laughter's benefits.
It's good to see the royals laughing!
(That picture makes me like Camilla!)


That's it.

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