Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I actually DID sign autographs....

(If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a blog post (with a terrible title) that explains.)

Here's Penny with me and Sam...
To tell you who Penny is, here's what she wrote on Facebook, as a caption to this picture:
Thankful for these two.. Sam and Nancy Carmack. They started Bear Valley Community Church which I have attended for more than 20 years now. They were there today signing a book Nancy has written about the start of the church.

Thanks, Penny!

And I liked that picture so much that I cropped it and put the cropped part (with Sam and me) on Facebook, as my profile pic.   (Thanks, Penny - and yet SORRY that you didn't make the FB cut, even though you had the picture made!)

One of the absolutely most exciting things about the book signing was that Penny brought the actual program of the first service she attended!!  What a thrill.   
'Course I had to take a picture of it....

You can see that we used to have 'Creek' in our name.   
You'll have to read the book to find out why it's not there anymore.  

Oh, and here is Penny with Velia, another one of our first members....
They're holding up the inside of the program (bulletin), with the Bear Notes, 
which are the notes of the sermon. 

How great it is that Penny kept that all these years - and thought to bring it Sunday! 

Well, I saw a lot more people Sunday,
but I couldn't take their pictures...because I had to sign books!! 
(Who would have ever thought I'd be saying that?)

Oh, Sam wants me to tell you you can buy our book on Amazon, by clicking on HERE.
(After today, I won't be badgering you to buy that book.)
Sam will have to do that himself.

Actually later - hopefully by next spring - I'll have another book out!
I so enjoyed writing that Bear Valley book, 
that I thought I need to tell the story about Peggy and me. 
 'Course that is a more emotional writing for me,
but I'm ready to do it.
I've already written 20 pages (though it feels like 100 (in a good way).

I'm calling it (for now) PEGGY AND ME: WE'RE STILL TWINS.

 That's us.

Sadly Peggy died at the age of thirty-seven, which will be 25 years ago next April.

It's been good to think about growing up as twins, and then to think about her cancer and her death.
It's been (and is being) cathartic.
It's teaching me a lot.
And, of course, I want her children (and grandchildren, as well) to know all about her.
(Her son and daughter (Cap and Elizabeth) were very young when she died).

My next post will be to show you a wall hanging that a friend of mine has made 
that is about having a loved one in heaven.
(Stay tuned for that post, with that wall hanging.)

Until then....

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laura said...

Lots of wonderful things! That's so cool that she still had the program. And i look forward to your next book :)

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