Sunday, August 25, 2013

I love good grilled food, don't you?

And that's what I got last night in Dallas - at Laura and Ryan's house.

But what do I love more than good grilled food?   .....Good company!

And last night I got both!!

Here are Jerry (Ryan's dad) and Ryan (our son-in-law) ....
They were grilling bratwurst and shish-kebobs, as well as cauliflower and eggplant, and oh my the food was delicious.   I dipped all of my food (except my dessert) in a German mustard.  It was YUM!

Here's Ryan's little sister, beautiful Victoria (who is now a senior in high school!) holding sweet Scout...
   Note to self: next time hold Scout, Nancy - and scratch his tummy.  
You will make a friend of his for sure...
like Victoria is for sure his friend.

Here are the 'in-laws' (Ryan's and Laura's)... 
I love those people!!!
(even myself, btw.)
(P.S. love yourself.)
Sometimes I marvel at how blessed I am.
Why today Sam and I went to Colfax, TX for the annual homecoming service 
at the First Methodist Church.
It was great!
Here's the sermon from my vantage point....
  Well, there's no video of it, just this picture.
We did feel kind of young there, as there were a lot of white hairs there.
(I have white hairs - but they're blonde now.)

The next post I will have is a celebration of my first born.
Not only is his birthday Tuesday,
but a week from Tuesday he and his wife (and unborn baby girl)
are returning from a year in Scotland!!

I told you I was blessed!!


laura said...

We enjoyed having y'all over!

The Lewises said...

Wish I could have been there to join you!!

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