Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Polls are closed...

I'm going to give the polls a rest for a while.

They've been interesting.

In the next to the last one, blue won out as a favorite color. Pink didn't get any votes at all! Orange didn't either, but I'm not surprised by that.

In the poll, 'which zoo animal is your favorite?', the monkey won. The zebra and flamingo got zero votes. Zero!  (I almost voted for the zebra!)

Of course, none of that is earth-shattering news.

Those polls were just fluff.

But fluff can go a long way to enhancing life, I think.

They show the variety of life... and of people's opinions.

Everybody is different.

Variety is the spice of life!
I love that, don't you?

In the "Which is the better name for a grandmother?" These were the reults...
Grandma 19%
Mimi 0%
Grandmother 0%
Nana 69%
Grammy 13%
Total Votes: 16

Well, that poll didn't sway me: I've decided to be GRAMMY!!
(That's assuming Baby Carmack will call me that - if I insist.)

Sam wants to be GrandDad... with a capital D on that second d.   Uh, D.

Life is never dull... if you don't let it be.

That's what I think.


Anonymous said...

"Grammy" is who I might be!!! We will know for sure when Bradley tells me next month. Ha!
"Cece" is the other option. But I bet we will both (you and I) answer to anything at all!!!

Nancy said...

Yes, Carla. We will answer to anything at all!!!
(I like "Cece"!!)

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