Sunday, September 1, 2013


Yesterday we celebrated Charlotte's 8th birthday (which is today)!

Here she is with her brother and sister and cousins....
That's Lewis, Finn, Charlotte, Eloise, and Molly standing in the back.
Aren't they beautiful?
Those are Pat and Ken's grandchildren (minus little Arlo).
(Pat is Sam's sister.)
(You can click the picture to make it larger.)

After the birthday party we went to the Baylor-Wolford football game.
It was super hot in Waco, but that didn't keep us from having fun.

Here is the band before the game....
They really sounded good (as well as looking good).  There are 300 in the band and Sam said that they have lots of brass- which really make them sound good.  (I never was in band- so I rely on him to tell me these things.)

After the band performed, the Baylor Line (made of freshmen) came on the field to welcome the Bears....
Wow. I'd never seen so many freshman. 
I used to have my binoculars on, scanning the Line, because Laura was in that group back in the day. 
After they run on the field they go back in the stands and sit in that section that is vacant. 
I could never find Laura until after I'd call her on her cell phone and she'd tell me where she was sitting.
Then I'd watch her during the game.
(Ha. Mothers!)

Now I just sit and take in the game without scanning the crowd much.
Well, Pat and I sit and get caught up on everything (and watch the game, too),
while Sam and Ken just sit and watch the game and talk about the game, oh and yell, of course.
They don't need to tell each other about every detail in their lives.
(Ha. Men!)

Ah, but we all can pose for the camera...

So we had a great celebration... of Charlotte turning 8 (and Molly soon turning 10) and Baylor's victory (69-3!), and of course Pat and I getting caught up on all the happenings.... which are MANY!!

Here's one: Did I tell you that our son Will and his beautiful wife Bailey Jo are coming home Tuesday night from a year in Scotland!!
In November they will have our first grandchild... Penelope Faye!  
I'm not excited or anything.
In closing here's a quote from today's reading in the little devotional book JESUS CALLING...
"Seek me with your whole being...
Seek me in good times; seek me in hard times.  
You will find me watching over you all the time."

I love that.


laura said...

So fun!

Anonymous said...

So glad you came to the game and the birthday celebration. It was great getting caught up. Sic'em bears!

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