Monday, September 2, 2013

Counting the hours, then the minutes...

... till Will and Bailey Jo come home from Scotland tomorrow night!
Here are three pictures of them there last fall when we went to visit them...


 Needless to say, we cannot wait to see them!!
(They've been there a year,
getting their Master's Degrees at the University of Glasgow.)

I sometimes record "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and watch it while I sort dirty clothes and then fold clean clothes. They're the same clothes, by the way.
 I digress...
So this morning I found out that Jay Leno's mother is from Glasgow, Scotland!
And Rod Stewart's favorite soccer team is the Glasgow's Celtics.
Oh, and Rod Stewart's father was from Edinburgh, Scotland.

So I had to tell you.

'Course anything about Scotland excites me.   And it excited me that the realtor we met with yesterday (to get the key to Will and Bailey's home that they're renting) saw the Scottish flag on my car and immediately knew what it was.  

As we sat in the car waiting for her (the realtor), the man next door walked over and told us, "Sorry, the house is already rented."
We smiled and said, "It's our kids who are the renters!"
So we had a good little talk.  I was glad to see that he was very nice.
(I'll let Will and Bailey show you pictures of their house before I do, okay?)
I really like it.
It makes me want to downsize for sure.

After we left that place I drove Sam by niece Elizabeth's new house.  Then I immediately got a text, "Do y'all want to come over?"
Elizabeth was asking us to pop in! 
Sam suggested that maybe she and I had ESP -  since her mother was my twin sister.
So we pop in.... and find out that John had happened to look out the window and said, "I think that's Nancy driving by."

So we popped in and visited a bit.
And I got to see this....
Is that not sweet?

And they're getting to relax today together as a family,
since it's Labor Day.
Me, I'm just washing some clothes.
Sam is reading a book for a class he's teaching.

I'll go grocery shopping tomorrow.

But I already have a lot of Dr. Pepper waiting for Will!

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