Sunday, September 8, 2013


My self-talk this morning is: EMBRACE IMPERFECTION!

I was thinking last night that I need to find a Labelholics Anonymous and join.
"My name is Nancy and I'm a Labelholic." 

[I've been labeling blog posts, then I read others and think of new labels and need to go back and label previous posts....etc., etc., ETC.]

So this morning I'm telling myself:

(I just started labeling posts this past week... (see the LABELS list on right sidebar. You might be a label.))

So I'm letting the labels goooooooo.............  for now.

On a different note,  Will and Bailey have been moving into their new house they're renting in Grapevine.
Here's a view of their back yard....
Very nice.

Here's their kitchen...
Isn't it beautiful?

And here's a little squirrel in their front yard....
That reminds me of my parents telling me that when I was little I was so excited about a little bird being in a tree in OUR YARD.    He (or she) picked OUR YARD!!
Well, that little squirrel picked BAILEY JO AND WILL'S YARD!!!  
Well, I don't have a picture of the front of their house, but I will soon.

Now I will tell Will and Bailey Jo: when it comes to unpacking and settling in: EMBRACE IMPERFECTION!!!
I have found moving to be very stressful.  I want everything done and organized NOW.... but everything that goes into moving can't be done NOW.

That's my lesson this morning.

Now I'll get ready to go to Bear Valley Church ... with Will and Bailey Jo (and Nell in the bump)!!!

Life is good.

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