Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun Friday...

For today's fun I have some pictures of having fun in the tea room...

Here is the Parkwood group who came today....
that's from one end of the table...

and now from the other end...
(You can click each picture to make it larger, if you'd like.)
(The young lady on the right is Amy, Parkwood's Activities Director.
She is super.)

You may notice that one Parkwood resident is not in the pictures.
I really missed her (my Mother-Margaret)... but she had a (routine) doctor's appointment,
and I wanted her to go to that instead of come to the tea room.
(She's been to the tea room many times.)

Oh, one of the ladies asked me if Mother made me practice the piano.
I said a hearty "YES!" 
And then I told how my piano teacher (Miss Claprick) had Mother sit in on my practice time so I would do it right.

Needless to say, NOW I am so glad!

So now I can play "Moon River" and "Tennessee Waltz" and other oldies in the tea room,
which I did today for the Parkwood group.

By the way, here is the tea room wait staff, with Claudia (on the left) who runs the register...
and keeps everyone in line....
From left, they're Claudia, Rachel, Charity, Kristen and Emily.

They are wonderful young ladies.... always smiling and ever helpful.
I love them!!

By the way,  I've been playing "Moon River" every day I play lately. 
It calms Claudia's soul.

By the way, the tea room is called "Simpliciteas Tea Room"
and it is located inside LoneStar Antiques (5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City,TX).

Mother and I have a booth there, and well, that's FUN!

You may already know this, but the antique mall is not too impressive on the outside....
But the inside is fantastic!

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