Sunday, September 22, 2013

I have some new favorite places...

First: Kingwood, Texas!

It's where I got my ESL training.

(I said I went (in my previous post) to Houston, but it was actually Kingwood.)

It's known as "The Livable Forest".
Well, that tells you it has lots of trees, and they're beautiful.

Well, I only traveled on Kingwood Drive while in Kingwood (to get to Woodbridge Baptist Church, where the ESL training was), but when I was driving there I kept thinking, "This is absolutely beautiful.... Who knew?"
What heightened my appreciation of it was that I was playing the Spa station (channel 68) on my XM/Sirius radio.   It makes everything look beautiful (unless they're playing too-weird music, which they play sometimes).

Anyway, I was enjoying that Kingwood Drive in Kingwood.

Then on the way home yesterday I stopped at Buc-ee's in Madisonville.  Whoa.  It was great.

  I had seen billboards of it... but they don't do it justice.

If you're ever driving on I-45 going or coming from Houston, stop by... and allow yourself some time to walk around.

It's impressive.

So now I'm back home, and enjoying the first day of fall!
This weather is fantastic!

And I'm looking forward to going (again) to another favorite place....

Will and Bailey Jo gave Sam a gift certificate for it for his birthday.  And I got to enjoy the gift also.
That picture I got online.  We didn't eat the french fries.... but next time- maybe.  Mm.

So today I'm thinking of my favorite places.

Of course I can't forget my most favorite place: HOME.
There is no place like it.
I can wind down here,
which I'm doing on this lazy Sunday afternoon.


(And I will put up a new background for this blog... since it is now officially FALL!!!)

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laura said...

I always see billboards for that place! Like, 100 miles in advance. Glad you had a good time!

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