Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm into labels ...

I'm trying to label all of my blog posts (which I should have been doing all along - sigh)... and I am getting obsessed with it.... and it seems as if I've barely started.

On the right sidebar you will see the labels.  They are in alphabetical order. Some are in larger print - but that is just a random BLOGGER thing.  I did NOT make certain labels more important than others.

Here's how it works: let's say you want to see some pictures of my handsome nephew Cap.  Click 'Cap' and it will show you posts where he is in them. It won't show you ALL the posts because I've barely started... but it will show you quite a few.

Or if you are interested in what I think is funny, click 'Funnies'.

You get the idea.

Do you want to know who wins the prize for the being in the most blog posts on "Nancy's Nook" so far?
She's followed closely by CAROLINE!!!
There's also a CAROLINEC - - with that last C standing for Carmack.

Anyway, you get the idea.

I started out with just a few labels... then I kept adding more.... like Ryan and Laura's dog, Akon, has his own label!  Olive doesn't have a label YET.   Of course, Shiloh does, for sure!

Anyway, it's a time-consuming project because I have so many posts... and I hadn't labeled a one- until yesterday!  (And now I'm consumed.)

By the way, if you're a cousin of mine on my mother's side you would be under JEarlWhite.
If you're a cousin of mine (or aunt or uncle) on my dad's side you would be under WillWhite.
Unless you're cousin Audrey (congratulations!) - and she gets her own label, plus she's in the JEarlWhite label.  (I had to crunch up the words because I found out if I don't crunch them up they look like two or three different labels. -- which happened with 'Favorite Things' and 'Russia Trip' (which I did first).

That's too much explanation for some of you... but if you're into details (as some of you are) it's not too much. 

Oh, I even have a Yum label... which this one fits under....
Oh yes.
 I know that label will have lots of posts!!

'Course you may have no interest in those labels.
Everybody is different, so that's okay.

Anyway, it's giving me something to do, besides everything else on my to-do list.


laura said...

Yes! Another post for Caroline and Laura! BTW, I *think* bigger words mean that they have the most labels.

Nancy said...

Oh. Bigger words have the most labels.
Well, that would make sense!

Nancy said...

Yeah. Now I see it!!!

Audrey said...

This is a great idea! Somewhere along the line I learned that humans need to compartmentalize everything, so we do it naturally...setting things on a various shelves in our brain. It just seems logical to organize our written words in a similar manner. What a job you have, the proliferate writer that you are.

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