Sunday, September 15, 2013

My man...

 ... is Sam..... and TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY!!!

You can click HERE for my blog post of him two years ago today.
It's called "The Most Interesting Person You'll Ever Meet." 
It tells about this most wonderful man... and it has some great pictures of him through the years (starting as a baby).
Oh, and I was not the first person to call him "the most interesting person you'll ever meet".  No.
I was on a date with a mutual friend (named Steve) and that Steve found out I knew Sam (whom I'd had one date with) and we started talking about him and that Steve said, "That Sam Carmack is the most interesting person you'll ever meet."

Well, I never dated that Steve again.... but I did Sam.
The rest is history.

Friday night we celebrated.... at Boi Na Braza (the Brazilian steakhouse) in Grapevine. 

It was FUN AND YUM......
I repeat: It was FUN AND YUM!!!

Though we were all stuffed we couldn't resist getting a slice of cheesecake for dessert,
which we all shared...

(Again I'll say: you can read more about him on this blog post of 2011...
"The Most Interesting Person You'll Ever Meet" )
(And last year's post is HERE. It has some good pictures of years-gone-by, too.)



Being Beth said...

Tell Sam I wish him the happiest of birthdays!

Nancy said...

I will, Beth!!!

laura said...

Fun times! Glad we came down!

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