Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Wrandom*

Last week Mother had a friend from Canton visit her...
That's Moria on the left, Mother on the right.
(for you new blog-readers)

It seems we all got the black and white memo...

Moria's daughter-in-law brought her to the tea room for lunch then we went to Mother's to show Moria around Parkwood.
Parkwood is very impressive, by the way.
This is what I found online as their website, Parkwood Retirement Community.
The food is good, you don't have to do yard work, there are fun games to play and lots of other activities that you do - or not do.
There's also a beauty shop, a library, church services, a little store where you can buy necessities, and well, I'm ready!

On a different note, my nephew-in-law's grandmother, Alice (known as Coco to her grandchildren and great grandchildren) was telling me about her daturas, which I had never heard about, so she sent me a picture... with her husband in the picture, so as to give perspective....
The daturas are the white flowers by the white bench.
By the way, Jim is a tall fella, which tells you those daturas are big! ... and beautiful, huh?
(Thanks for the picture, Alice!)

Alice also shared with me a blog by her granddaughter Sara who is living in India and helping open a home for young girls who have been rescued from prostitution.   I can't think of a better thing to do.
Sara's blog is ThatOneGirlWho.  It's very interesting.
Here's a picture of Sara and her grandmother, Alice....
Beautiful ladies, huh?
And they're beautiful inside, too.

Oh, Alice has two new great-grandbabies....
Here is my niece Elizabeth holding them.....
That's Clara and Jack.
They're two weeks apart with different mothers and daddies (Elizabeth's brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law).

Here are Clara's parents...
and brothers...

And here are Jack's parents...
and Jack's older brother and sisters...
 Precious, precious.

Clara's father is my nephew-in-law's brother
and Jack's mother is my nephew-in-law's sister....

and just to keep you up-to-date,
here's my nephew-in-law John with his beautiful wife (my niece) Elizabeth and their family....
 Yes, they're proud Aggies.

(For new blog readers (of which I know I may have a few): Elizabeth is my dear late twin Peggy's daughter.)
Peggy had two children.
I'll blog about her son on Monday- his birthday!!

And yes, I know you're thinking that I'm surrounded by gorgeous people, because I am.
And they're all gorgeous on the inside, too.

Life is gorgeous.

*That's how I spell 'random' on Wednesdays.
(Thanks for letting me steal those pictures from Facebook.)

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