Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Can you say "Thank you?"

Have you ever been in another country/culture where you could not communicate?

You might has well have been deaf and mute... and you for sure felt weird, right?

Here's a picture I found of someone feeling weird...
 (Google search hit it right, huh?)
(I like visual aids.)

Well, it seems there are lots of folks here in Texas who are feeling that way - weird.
Or maybe they just know a little bit of English, and well, need to know more, just to get along.

Well, Bear Valley Community Church (7900 Precinct Line, Colleyville, TX) is going to start teaching English to folks like that...  and I'm going to help!!!

Earlier this year I started thinking about learning to teach ESL (English as a Second Language) and wondered where I could get plugged in to learn.
Then I got an e-mail from my dear sister-like friend, Peggy Johnson, asking if I would at all be interested in teaching ESL at Bear Valley, since they were starting a program.
God is good.

In August I went to Houston and did some training there and then this past Saturday Bear Valley had the next (final) level of training.  It was great.  I mean GREAT!!!!

This is the Bear Valley group during our lunch break (minus one of the Lauras)....
 From left, me, Laura, Velia, Debbie with little Sara, Sandra, Ricki, little Sam with his grandmother Peggy, Amanda, and Elizabeth (little Sam's mother).

 And this is part of what we studied...
 It's a great system.

So I'm excited... and nervous.

Oh, to add to the excitement and nervousness, I was at a meeting just last night and it was mentioned that churches in China (yes, churches in China) were asking for people who would come over there for two weeks and teach ESL.

First I need to do it at Bear Valley.

(We're starting registration  on Jan. 4 and classes Jan. 19, 2014!)

 Life is good.
And so interesting.

P.S. My mother taught ESL in east Texas years ago... and she loved it. 
(I love following in her footsteps.)


Allison L said...

This is so neat I love it Nancy!

Nancy said...

Thanks, Allison!!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

You are the perfect person to teach ESL. I can't wait to read about the people who touch your life... and those that you touch, too!

Anonymous said...

God is so good to send you to our ESL program! You are the best!!!!

laura said...

I think that sounds fun! I bet you will be great at it

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