Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lovey Lovey Lovey....

I love these people very very very much...
(They are the Prathers.)  
(And yes, my Grandmother Ora was a Prather!)
(So I'm part Prather.)

Here are Jesse and Kristin by themselves...
(That's Keith cooking in the kitchen and Justin walking out of the kitchen.)

(If you're reading this and thinking you don't know these people, well know this: Keith was best friends years ago -with Mark Morris from my hometown!  (Actually I bet they're still good friends.)

And here is Kristin and Jesse's sweet baby girl with her sweet great-grandmother...

Yes, little Serena was the star of the show Sunday afternoon...
Do you see her smiling? 
So sweet.
So very sweet.

And look who she looks like....
That's Serena's great-grandfather!

How wonderful is that?!

Oh, and here is my son holding Serena...
He's needing the practice because his own baby girl will be born soon!!! 

That baby girl would be my granddaughter, of course!

So we were all practicing with Serena, including myself...
Thank you Jesse, Kristin and Serena for helping us get ready!! 
And it was so great to see you!!! 

Oh, and Molly, I'm sorry I didn't get your picture Sunday!
(Ah, but here you are on Facebook...

I absolutely adore every single person in all of those above pictures.... YES!!!
(even Molly's Justin... because he makes her so happy)

And if you're still reading this, and you're from Mission, TX, know this:
I want to have a north Texas Mission, TX get-together next summer, okay?
(That's if I don't chicken out.)
(And I want to see not just the class of 1970...but everybody I know!)
(I'll be in touch on that soon, okay?)

(I'm writing that here - so as to not get cold feet.)
(My feet are feeling warmer just thinking about a get-together.)


Susan said...

We are so glad you all could come. Your family means so much to us that it wouldn't have been a real "family" get together with out you all there.

Nancy said...

Thanks so much, Susan.
It was a great Sunday afternoon!!!!

(I'm praying for you - and your health.)

Love you.

sara [at] journey of doing said...

That little Serena has an angel face! Oh, I can't wait for you to be a grandmother!! How exciting!!!!

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