Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My (first) Movie Review....

Monday Sam and I went to see the movie GRAVITY in 3-D.  I’d seen a few movies in 3-D and had not been all that impressed.  The 3-D part just seemed too gimmicky.

And though I do think it IS gimmicky in GRAVITY, I do think that if you’re going to see GRAVITY you better see it in 3-D!   It just seems as if it would be kind of tedious if it weren’t in 3-D!  (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

Also, you may not want to eat before you see it in 3-D.   You might get a tummy ache.... which I kept thinking I was getting.... but then I guess I got used to the motion and the sound and was okay.

GRAVITY got 5 stars by Cary Darling in the Star Telegram, but I think I would give it 3 stars.  It just almost seemed to be too much of too much (thank goodness it wasn't a long movie) - and when it was over it was if I’d been on a big carnival ride.
(There were some really elderly folks in the theater and I worried if they were okay.  I guess they were since no ambulance came.)
I think this might be my first movie review here on this blog.
I guess I better label it as a movie review.

That makes me think of two people that I know who review movies online....
Rob (Carmack) has done several reviews of old movies (that he'd just recently seen) and those reviews are great.  You can see those on his blog under the label Mind the Gaps.  (He reviews movies like THE FRENCH CONNECTION, JAWS, and others... lots of others, including DR. WHO.)  (You'll be glad you checked out his reviews.  He's a great writer... and reviewer.)

Dan Zuefeldt reviews movies from time and time and he posts his reviews on Facebook.  Well, I just looked for them and couldn't find them.  Maybe if you FB message him he'll tell you where they are... and if you're not his FB friend, tell him I recommended you.

In closing, here is a silly cartoon about movie critics...

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