Saturday, October 5, 2013

Six things on Saturday....

1.  My daughter Laura's dear friend Heidi (who was also Laura's day-of-wedding coordinator) found out she got the part of Maria in THE SOUND OF MUSIC.  It will play in Dallas somewhere... I'll let you know when and where.
(As you may (or may not) know, Maria is my favorite character in my most favorite musical of all time.)
Here's a picture of beautiful Heidi...
She is beautiful inside and out...
and I can't wait to see her as Maria!

Oh, here's a picture of Heidi at Laura's wedding....
She's peeking out from the back right... making sure everything is okay... which it so was!
(Thanks, Heidi!)

2. My niece-in-law Caroline's sister Annie came back recently from Taiwan where she was the lead in Puccini's opera, Suor Angelica (an Italian opera).  It was part of the  Southern Young Artist Opera Program in Taiwan.  Wow.
She's beautiful, too!
And I happen to know that it is an inside/outside beauty, too (as with Heidi).

Click HERE to go to her website.
You'll be glad you did.

Here is Annie with her little sister, Caroline....

Here they are a few years ago...
How precious.

And here is Caroline with her husband on their wedding day...
(I couldn't resist putting that picture up.)
(I love those people so much.)

3. Since I said there will be 6 things on Saturday, I better keep going.
Here is the 3rd: a dog dressed up for Halloween....
(Yes, that is one dog.)

4. And here is a cute something I saw on Facebook....

Gotta love it.

5.  Oh, and back to Heidi, here she is with her husband, Chris, and their dog, Scout. 
Great picture, huh?

6. The 6th thing on this "Saturday's 6 Things" is about dogs, too.
     It's a quote by the great Will Rogers....
I love a dog.  He does nothing for political reasons.

Thanks everyone for letting me 'steal' pictures from Facebook.

1 comment:

sara [at] journey of doing said...

WOW, you have such musically talented friends! Congrats to them!! How exciting!!

I loved the pup's costume - too funny!!

Dogs are great like that, aren't they? Happy and neutral.

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